The Philippines is one of the biggest plastic polluters in the entire world. That is why there's no time better than NOW for all of us to start making changes for the better - together as one people.


Create an avenue for Filipinos to make a positive change in more ways than one

Save our precious seas and waterways

Benefit communities and reward environmentally-conscious individuals

The move to a circular economy of plastic starts with initiatives like the HOPE’s Aling Tindera program - introducing everyone to the proper approach to plastic waste and learning about the significant benefits that result from reusing or disposing of plastic waste correctly.


2023 Anilao Waste-to-Cash Program Kick-Off

March 24-26, 2023

Over the years, we have observed that plastic pollution is becoming one of the most pressing environmental issues affecting not only humans but also marine biodiversity. It should be brought to attention that microplastics can leach chemicals that damage the growth and reproduction of all marine creatures. Given that, we thought of ways to prevent this issue and one of our ideas was to launch the “Saving Our Seas” initiative, which has successfully completed its kick-off clean-up drive in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. 🌞

more SOS events Coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Aling Tindera is a plastic waste-to-cash program under HOPE ( that empowers women micro-entrepreneurs to become sustainability champions in their communities.
We clean up the environment, provide incremental income to communities, encourage behavioral change, and educate the public about responsible plastic waste management.
We accept:
  • PET / Plastic Bottles (e.g. clear, bluish, greenish, neon)
  • HDPE / Hard Plastics / Sibak (e.g. shampoo bottles, laundry soap bottles)
  • Soft Plastics (e.g. sachets, sando bags, food wrappers)
  • Online Shopping Pouches, Bubble Wrap
  • Styrofoam
  • Tarpaulins
The only plastic type that we do not accept is PVC.
Plastics should be clean and dry to avoid smell and infestation in the Aling Tindera bin. This is also to ensure that our partners can properly process these plastics!
Clean and dry means NO food, oil, and liquid residue. 💧
HOPE will pick up the plastics from Aling Tindera and send these to our recycling, upcycling, and co-processing partners 🚛
They've have been audited by third-party to ensure that plastics are legitimately diverted away from the nature!
The plastic problem is too big for just 1 organization to solve. If a junkshop/partner has better prices than we do, we encourage you to sell your plastics to them!
For plastics that are not accepted by junk shops (e.g. sachets), Aling Tinderas are happy to buy these to keep them out of the environment. 🌏

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