Anilao Waste-to-Cash Program Kick-Off

Anilao Waste-to-Cash Program Kick-Off

March 24-26, 2023

Solitude Acacia Resort, Anilao Batangas

⚠️ SOS: It's time to act now!

Over the years, we have observed that plastic pollution is becoming one of the most pressing environmental issues affecting not only humans but also marine biodiversity. It should be brought to attention that microplastics can leach chemicals that damage the growth and reproduction of all marine creatures. Given that, we thought of ways to prevent this issue and one of our ideas was to launch the “Saving Our Seas” initiative, which has successfully completed its kick-off clean-up drive in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. 🌞

Together with our dear sea saver volunteers, as well as the diving communities, partner agencies and institutions, it has been an exciting beach bonding to remember, as we spent the day cleaning up and rehabilitating the area's shore, reefs, and general community! With our partnership with HOPE's "Aling Tindera" Waste-to-Cash program, all the plastic waste gathered will be properly processed and disposed of via Aling Tindera bins placed on-site at the event area. Through all these efforts, we are optimistic that we can help reinforce the concept of Plastic Circular Economy – where all plastics collected and recycled are diverted away from nature to ensure that it won’t leak back into the open environment.

We’ve welcomed around 200 attendees to be part of this special event and create a positive impact on our society. But it doesn’t stop there. Now's the time to invite everyone to come together and be advocates of preventing marine plastic pollution and becoming champions for cleaner beach destinations!

Protect our planet! 🌎 Save our Seas! 🌊

#CenturyTunaSOS #CTSavingOurSeas

Event Milestones

Here’s what we have garnered all together during the Anilao shore and reef clean-up:

27 Full sacks
289.4 Total weight (kg)
107 Volunteers


Shore Crew
129 Full sacks
516 Total weight (kg)
107 Volunteers


Shore Crew
156 Full sacks
805.4 Total weight (kg)
212 Volunteers


Shore Crew

Welcome Dinner

Sunset Party

Community Visit

Shore Cleanup

Reef Cleanup

Restaurant Backdrop

Art Installation

SOS Waterproof Kit

Earth Hour

Tuna Snack Bar

Alden with the Community

Swag Box

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The move to a circular economy of plastic starts with initiatives like the HOPE’s Aling Tindera program - introducing everyone to the proper approach to plastic waste and learning about the significant benefits that result from reusing or disposing of plastic waste correctly.

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